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Nervous Breakdown Party || SID fans
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›› Welcome
  to Nervous Breakdown Party, a SID fan community. Here you can discuss anything pertaining to the band, be it their newest song, most recent look, or general news and updates. Fan works such as fanart and cosplay are also welcome and highly encouraged. Please read the rules before participating!

›› Rules
  › Media may be shared with the community, though posts containing media must be friends locked (this includes comments). Any posts not following this rule will be deleted without question, so check and double check that you remembered your friends lock.

  › Media requests are allowed, but only for specific songs or videos, please. No posts requesting the band's entire discography or photographic legacy.

  › No flaming whatsoever. This is obviously subjective. A good rule of thumb is to remember to use constructive criticism; if you read over a comment or post and it's something that would make you angry, don't inflict it on members of this community.

  › Introduction posts are allowed, but please try to post something about SID in them as well, even if it's as simple as how you got into the band or sharing a picture or two.

  › Go ahead and pimp out your fansite, fanlisting, RPG comm, etc. Please limit posts of this nature to one a month, if not fewer.

  › The posting of fanfiction and fanart are permitted. Both should be placed behind a cut, and all NC-17 works should be labeled as such.

  › Do not post rumours or hearsay. If you're looking for clarification on something, it's fine to ask - but be sure that you know your facts before responding to someone else.

  › Multiple pictures larger than thumbnails, or pictures exceeding 300x300 pixels should be placed behind a livejournal cut.

  › When posting scans, please title the post "scans" and please put what issue (month and title) ON the actual post and NOT as the cut text. This makes it far easier for those updating scan directories and the like.

  › Check back through the last few posts in the community as well as the memories before you ask a question that may have been asked before. The memories are constantly being updated, and more often than not you can find what you're looking for in just a few clicks. Redundant questions and posts (within reason) will be deleted.

›› Translations
  › Blogs
  › Lyrics / Interviews

›› Scans
  › Scan Directory 26/10/08 (updated)

›› Media
  › Media Directory 31/10/08 (updated)

›› Links
  › SID official site
  › Aki's Facebook
Shinji's Diary
  › SIDゆうやの何が何でもやるぞー!!

›› Where can I purchase SID merchandise?
  › CD Japan
  › J-XYZ
  › Yesasia
  › HMV

›› Questions and Concerns
  › All questions, concerns and suggestions referring to the community itself can be directed to this community post. I can be reached on AIM at indian burn hex, or at homoerotic. Your community moderators are tekaki, dearwestgirl, and xiii_dizzy.