Cassis85 (cassis85) wrote in sidnad,

Let's stop following tony_sid!!

Minna san,
I'm here to tell you something important.

I discussed about this important thing with the admins of other street teams and fan clubs.
Many of you know @tony_sid, who is supposed to be Mao and Shinji's tweets translator.
I say "supposed to be" because actually the things he does aren't the things we, as fans, think he's doing or should do.

He translates the tweets in a wrong way in order to make people believing what HE WANTS and not what MAO SAYS, telling shit about Mao (first), pretending there's something between them, and posting unconvenient pictures which are a big lack of respect. Tony not only makes these awful things to Mao and to SID, he also includes Mao on his tweets and spam his shit to him as well.

This is a big lack of respect for Mao, for SID and the staff. And also for us as admins of st and fc because we work hard to keep updating and giving you all the information.
And this is a big lack of respect for all of us as fans, because WE ARE A FAMILY.

We have to stop him doing this, we cannot let him damaging Mao and SID with is awful behaviour.

So, I kindly invite you to stop following and believing him because his translations ARE TOTALLY WRONG, and to report him on fb/twitter as spam.

Thanks for your attention.
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