fuchsia_rainbow (fuchsia_rainbow) wrote in sidnad,

hug/OUTSIDER icons & things

Hello everyone! <3

I'm here to share a few things I've made with the coming of SID's newest releases!
First, some icons made from the members' hug photobooks.

Mao is here | Aki is here | Yuuya is here
I haven't gotten to Shinji yet but I hope to soon!

Also, I recorded my thoughts on OUTSIDER here; I analyzed the "hug" PV here. In case anyone is interested or would like to discuss, I'd certainly love to! <3

Let's spread the love of SID~ ^^
Tags: graphics
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I love Sid they have helped me through many troubled times.I found them when I was eleven and ever since then i've always talked about them to the point where my mom and my twin was ready to push me ot the door lol. They are releasing a new single called enamel in august 2014.
Ohh that's wonderful! I've been through a lot with Sid as well; they are incredibly precious to me ^^ I've converted a few of my friends (and my parents ouo) to liking them! It's important to me to spread the word of the bands I love~
I am so, so happy that Sid has been so active lately! My very favorite band is rather on hiatus, so Sid has been very helpful in filling in the gaps.
I am very glad we r friends now^^ now we can talk about sid together^^. I have no friends interested in talking to me about them in reality so it's nice someone shares the same passion! So nice to talk to u ^^-yashihiro901
Oh yeah hey mao posted a pic of him in enamel.

He also put this on his blog .

All of us fans should be around on the internet listening to the preview lol jk ^^ but I would recommend it^^